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International Ch. UKC Ch. Foxfire's Raizing Miss Daizy

"Miss Daizy"


Actress Jenilee Harrison has starred in movies, television, infomercials, and was once a L.A. Rams Cheerleader. She has been a cast regular on Dallas, Three's Company and starred in "Tank" with James Garner and Shirley Jones. Yet, according to Jenilee, it was a Toy Fox Terrier that changed her life.

Five years old Daizy is Jenilee's first small dog. "I called Susan McCoy of Westgate Toy Fox Terriers and told her I would like to bond with a small dog", said Jenilee. At that time, Susan had just had Daizy spayed and had no intention of parting with her. Daizy was Susan's first show quality Toy Fox Terrier and together they had completed Daizy's UKC Championship and her International title as well. Daizy had problems with delivering her puppies and Susan felt she should not be bred again.

About this time Jenilee had asked Susan about helping her find that "special little dog". Susan was reluctant to part with the now retired Daizy, but she knew that Jenilee would be a most devoted Toy Fox Terrier owner. "I knew that Daizy wanted to be with someone all the time and I was not able to do that for her", said Susan. So out of deep love and friendship, Susan gave Daizy to Jenilee.

It took about four days after Daizy arrived in her new home before she finally snuggled with Jenilee. They have been inseparable ever since.

Jenilee's movie contracts state that both her mother Barbara and Daizy are allowed on the set. She also takes Daizy to restaurants, shopping, and visits with friends, doctor's offices and even to live stage performances.

For years, Jenilee had this feeling of loneliness when she was working, but Daizy made the difference. Now she always has her best friend with her.